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What We Do

The Traveler plans the itinerary for their experience and uses the funds provided by OneTraveler to execute their plan. Skill development from this experience includes:

Time management and financial skills: It takes a good, organized planner to maximize their time on a trip. A solo travel experience takes lots of planning, budgeting, and preparation to account for food, lodging, transportation, money, supplies, health, safety, etc.

Communication: Traveling is an exposure to culture and language that may be completely different from yours. The Traveler will be immersed in these differences. Interacting with people from different corners of the world makes for a better listener, more compassionate, more willing to understand others, and better at communicating.

Decision Making: The OneTraveler experience requires the participant to be constantly aware of their surroundings, sights and sounds. Sometimes, the unexpected may happen and ruin a Traveler’s plans, and they’ll have to quickly shift gears and move on to Plan B in an unfamiliar environment.

Travel experiences provide important life lessons. We are providing young adults this opportunity to define who they are as a person. After all, the best leaders are the ones who truly know themselves. Self-awareness is the most under-rated trait of a successful leader.

We ask that Travelers submit a weekly blog post highlighting their experiences (written or video).