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What We Do

OneTraveler funds a young adult’s (ages 19-23) journey to have a 6 week solo travel experience in another country, allowing them to develop essential leadership skills.

The Traveler develops skills through their independent journey, which they plan, budget for and experience, entirely on their own. They are responsible for doing research on the destination they are visiting, submitting their planned itinerary and budgeting the funds they are provided to last them throughout their journey. They will also keep a journal for the duration of their journey and upon their return, will implement what they’ve learned to make an impact on themselves and their community.

OneTraveler is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The organization provides up to $6,500 for a Traveler to execute their journey. Prospective Travelers will apply for the funding through an online application process to include their projected itinerary, reasoning for the experience and how it will impact their life and their community. Our organization provides funding for the selected Traveler to cover all necessary expenses needed for their journey including airline tickets, food, accommodations, transportation and experiences.

The OneTraveler selection committee will review all applications and select finalists to conduct an in-person interview, where the finalists will submit proposed budgets for their planned itinerary. The final number of Travelers selected will be determined based on available funds.