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Where would you go on a solo journey abroad for 6 weeks? How will your journey allow you to make an impact in your community? How would this experience change your life and make you a better leader?

OneTraveler provides up to $6,500 in funding for a young adult (ages 19-23) to take part in independent exploration through an international travel adventure for your journey inward.

OneTraveler recipients have integrity and the capacity for vision and leadership. As an applicant, you will craft your own proposed travel plan and budget that will be evaluated by the selection committee. Your experiences, creativity, curiosity, proposed itinerary, purpose, and how you will use the experience to make an impact on your community are all factors in the selection process. You must be ready to explore, be open to the unexpected, and come to know the world in new ways. You’ll be required to keep a personal journal (for your own reference), as well as submit a weekly blog post.

The OneTraveler selection committee will review all applications and select finalists to conduct and in-person interview, where the finalists will submit proposed budgets for their planned itinerary. 

Before applying for OneTraveler, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do I want to do this and be away for 6 weeks on my own?
2. How can I use this journey to make a difference in my community?
3. Have I already had an extensive international travel experience? What would this give me that a prior experience didn’t?
4. Do I have the strength and the passion for this responsibility?
5. Do I like to be alone? Do I like self-reflection?
6. How flexible am I? Am I willing to leave behind familiar structures and cultures?
7. Will this allow me to push myself outside of my comfort zone?
8. How is this going to be a challenge for me? Do I like challenges?
9. Is this realistic for me? Am I capable of completing this itinerary?

The 2018 OneTraveler application period is closed. Stay tuned in late 2018 for details on the application period for 2019!